The Fifa, PES and various racing games series can count on numerous championships, live and online tournaments, but have never managed to win the general public at the level of organized competition. The American scene is the one that guarantees greater prize money, in relation to racing games, while Europe impels the scepter as far as football simulators are concerned, which also attract the interest of many teams from the Asian continent.

History and definition of eSport

ESports refers to the electronic game disciplines organized at a competitive level. In the eyes of the most skeptical, or less informed, this definition may seem like nothing more than a redundant form of “video game competition”, but if we go to investigate the history of these disciplines, we realize that it is a much more complex phenomenon and articulated, not only for the impressive volume of participation and economic interests it generates, but also for the organization behind these kinds of events.

The birth of eSports is symbolically dated 1981, when Atari organized the first tournament dedicated to Space Invaders. The event attracted, unexpectedly, over 10,000 people, and it began to outline how high the interest in “electronic competition” was, even if, it should be emphasized, the first fairs of this kind were more similar to the great “competitions” of score hunting ”. In fact, they were held in single live events, and were focused on very rudimentary software (video games), which left little room for real competitiveness, although there were already unquestionable qualities required to reach important “scores”.

The unexpected success of these first events began to attract the attention of the press and some major majors: in the 90s, Nintendo engaged in real tours in the United States, organizing promotional internships in the main cities, which hosted also of the competitions, which would have selected the best talents for a final to be played in the spotlight of press and TV. In those years the Twin Galaxies was born, a company that takes care of recording the results obtained by the videogamers, who from that moment could become part of the Guinness book. We also begin to outline the first leading figures in the videogame, such as Billy Mitchell, holder of the world record for the highest score on as many as six games, including Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, laying the foundations for what would become the figure of the “Pro-player”.

But it has been in the last 15 years that eSports have begun to assert themselves as a mass phenomenon, thanks to gaming machines that are increasingly powerful and affordable for everyone, parallel to the widespread extension of broadband connections. In the first few years of the new century, some of the most popular competitions in the world, such as the World Cyber Games, the Intel Extreme Masters and the Major League Gaming, have seen the light of day.